Stan Lee’s Superhumans on Netflix InstantWatch

Superhumans is a new show on The History Channel created and co-hosted by Stan Lee…yes that Stan Lee:

The show is co-hosted by Daniel Browning Smith, the world’s most flexible man:

Mr. Smith travels the world investigating the claims and exploits of real-life superhumans.

In episode one, Mr. Smith travels to India to meet a man who can conduct enough electricity through his body to power a hot plate and a blender, a man in San Diego who can calculate complex math problems faster than any calculator, a blind man who echo-locates so well he can safely ride a bike on the street, and a man in Texas who can fold skillets and break wrenches with his bare hands.

My favorite so far as been Bob Munden, the world’s fastest quick draw:

Not only can this guy pull his gun and get off a shot faster than you can blink (literally) his marksmanship is unparalleled.  Watch the video and you can see him shoot a playing card in half (not the broad side either), shoot quarters out of the sky, I mean this guy is un-freaking believable.

Bob Munden is featured in episode 2 as is the Shaolin Monk whose one-inch punch is more powerful than a 30mph car crash.

Check this show out it’s awesome and it is available on Netflix Instant Watch.


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