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Stan Lee’s Superhumans on Netflix InstantWatch

Superhumans is a new show on The History Channel created and co-hosted by Stan Lee…yes that Stan Lee:

The show is co-hosted by Daniel Browning Smith, the world’s most flexible man:

Mr. Smith travels the world investigating the claims and exploits of real-life superhumans.

In episode one, Mr. Smith travels to India to meet a man who can conduct enough electricity through his body to power a hot plate and a blender, a man in San Diego who can calculate complex math problems faster than any calculator, a blind man who echo-locates so well he can safely ride a bike on the street, and a man in Texas who can fold skillets and break wrenches with his bare hands.

My favorite so far as been Bob Munden, the world’s fastest quick draw:

Not only can this guy pull his gun and get off a shot faster than you can blink (literally) his marksmanship is unparalleled.  Watch the video and you can see him shoot a playing card in half (not the broad side either), shoot quarters out of the sky, I mean this guy is un-freaking believable.

Bob Munden is featured in episode 2 as is the Shaolin Monk whose one-inch punch is more powerful than a 30mph car crash.

Check this show out it’s awesome and it is available on Netflix Instant Watch.


Evolution and the After life

“The whole history of science shows us that whenever the educated and scientific men of any age have denied the facts of other investigators on a priori grounds of absurdity or impossibility, the deniers have always been wrong.”–Alfred Russell Wallace (co-discoverer of the Theory of Evolution)

Did you know that the guy who first published a theory of evolution, the very theory that inspired Darwin to formulate his own theory, was a Ghost hunter?

Alfred Russell Wallace was not only the “co-discover” of the theory of evolution, he was also a social activist and one of the first prominent scientists to examine the impact of humanity on the ecology of earth….he also spent a lot of time going to seances and visiting psychics.  However, he visited them in order to see whether or not he, and a whole host of his colleagues (including the father of American psychology William James), could study these unexplained phenomenon scientifically.

The story of Wallace, William James, Crookes (renowned Chemist and Physicist), and other notable scientists is told brilliantly in Debra Blum’s book Ghosthunters:  William James and the Search for Scientific Proof of Life after Death (

 I highly recommend you read it and learn more.

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