Instant Watch Movies on Netflix You May Not Know About Part 2

5.  Chewed Up:  Louis CK

I’m a big Louis CK fan and if you are not easily offended, you will be too.  He’s about as “blue” as they come, but he is incredibly smart and it’s hard not to like the guy, even when he is being very very….He is an incredibly funny and utterly unique comic.

4.  Ghost Adventures: Season 1-4

One of my favorite series on TV.  Whether you believe in the possibility of life after death or not this show is worth watching just for the pure entertainment value it offers.  Furthermore, you can learn a lot about the history of the American sanitarium system and other various locations (prisons, hotels, saloons, honky tonks) as these guys give the historical background of each of their investigation sites.  These guys are also a hoot to watch.

3.  Back To School

Come on now…Rodney Dangerfield going to college what could be more mindlessly entertaining?  It’s worth watching just to see Robert Downey Jr. as a young fleshy faced ultra-geek.  It’s also got that blond dude who played the bad guy in just about every movie from the eighties…you know Johnny from Karate Kid (William Zabka).  Plus Kurt Vonnegut makes an appearance.

2.  Rockstar

I love this movie.  Mark Wahlberg plays a talented “wanna be” who gets a shot to be the lead singer for the heavy metal band he’s idolized his entire life.  Jennifer Anniston….how can you not like her?  Dominic West (The Wire) is in it, Sebastian Bach, Zakk Wylde, Jason Bonham (if you don’t know who they are then shame on you).  Good entertainment with a timeless message.

1. Oldboy

Probably the most daring and innovative film I’ve ever seen.  I promise you, you’ll be thinking about this one for a long time…whether you want to or not.  Warning…it is disturbing, very disturbing.  Guy gets locked away in a hotel room for some 15 and has no idea why.  One day he is released, given a cell phone and starts getting calls from the guy who imprisoned him.  The mysterious caller starts dropping clues and our hero (Dae-Su, Choi Min-sik) gets a chance to exact some revenge.  The spoilers will ruin it for you, so don’t read them.


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